Matt King

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I hate bios, there’s plenty of fabricated, fornicated stuff out there if you wanna go root  around for it. I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. I worked in a goldsmith shop  and an auction company growing up. I came up at the feet of honest to God mountain  people singing bluegrass music about dying and losing lovers. My dad told me stories  about our family killing people, killing each other and the generalities that go along with a  family of bootleggers, preachers and splintered women. I didn’t think it was fashionable  to talk about those things and then one day the apostles of suburbia began making up  songs about how cool it was, then took it to the people and sang it to ’em. I don’t know  about that. These are my stories, I try to be as honest as a liar and a thief knows how to  be. I hope you find some threads of truth in here. I like rocks, roast coffee, build watches,  collect knives, and occasionally dumpster dive. Books are nice, I read ’em a lot. I always  wanted to be a magician, I guess it’s a fine line between Houdini and a Hootenanny.  Prime numbers drive me crazy, That’s me. Enjoy.