Lynn Hutton

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Lynn Hutton is from Knoxville, TN, and is often pictured with his Tennessee Volunteer hat on. This camouflage-wearing country boy is fearless when it comes to writing. Unafraid of getting his hands dirty, his lyrics drill straight down into the truth. Eric Church said that his song “Jack Daniels,” written by Hutton, Jeff Hyde, and Church was a result of someoneʼs brazen honesty during a songwriting session. “We were getting ready to call it a day, and oneof my co-writers said, ʻIʼm sorry but Jack Danielʼs kicked my ass last night.”

Lynn Hutton tells it like it is, and he tells exactly how it ainʼt. Most importantly, he never holds back from giving a song everything he has; this is truly what makes him great. Lynnʼs songwriting success includes Eric Churchʼs single “Cold One”, Florida/Georgia Lineʼs title track “Hereʼs To The Good Times”, and Greg Bates top 5 hit “Did It For The Girl”.

“Jack Daniels” & “Cold One”-Eric Church
“Somebodyʼs Been Drinking”-Cole Swindell
“Cominʼ Back In A Cadillac”, “Freaks Like Me” & “Girl In The Song”-Joe Nichols
“Break Up More Often” & “Behind The Times”-Riley Green
“Out Of Style”-Jon Pardi
“Water Tower Town” & “Get Gone With You”-Scotty McCreery
“One For The Road”-Jason Aldean
“Did It For The Girl”-Greg Bates
“Hang”-Trace Adkins
“Good As You Were Bad” & “When You’re Lonely- Jana Kramer
“Here’s To The Good Times”-Florida Georgia Line”
“What If It Worked Like That”-Don Williams