Joseph Patton

Artist photos (500 × 500 px)

Joseph was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. After graduating from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Joseph moved back home and began working in the corporate world. Over the next decade Joseph worked in commercial printing, talent booking, and for 4 years as a high school English teacher. During this time He wrote songs and honed his craft.

Joseph left teaching and signed his first publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing in 2018. Since then he has had songs featured in Billboard and American Songwriter Magazine, and has enjoyed cuts with artists like Ben Rector, Jamie Lawson, Ya’ Boyz, Chrissy Metz, Sacha, and many more. He joined Anthem in 2021.


Joseph loves the art of crafting songs and is most at home helping other artists tell their own stories. When he is not writing, Joseph is enjoying the world around him with his wife and 3 boys.