Brett Sheroky

Artist photos (500 × 500 px)

In 2009, Brett Sheroky took a leap of faith, and moved to Nashville, TN to chase his dream of becoming a professional singer/songwriter. For 11 years, Sheroky put everything he had into making that dream come true. Brett remarks, “Chasing this dream took more of me than I thought I had. You have to work so damn hard and navigate through so much failure.” All of Brett’s hard work and determination finally paid off in 2020 when he signed his first publishing deal with SeaGayle Music. Within his first year as a professional songwriter, Sheroky landed two major artist cuts with Granger Smith’s “Man Made” and Blake Shelton’s “Bible Verses”.

While quickly gaining attention in Nashville as a songwriter, Brett began releasing songs he had written for himself as an artist. His releases, “4 Goodyears” and “Good Thing Going” introduced fans to Brett’s true sound. With roots in classic country and rock, and a passion for storytelling, Brett is already carving out his own space in the genre of country music. Brett’s newest song, “Everybody Wants” is yet another example of Brett’s ability to draw upon his influences to create something unique and fresh. 

Overall, Sheroky is one of those singer-songwriters that truly is an artist at his core. There is no one like him in the genre, and we applaud his continuous individualism and overall impressive talent. – Country Swag